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THAAD deployment and relations with Russia Hello everyone. Today's post is about the relationship between Russia and South Korea regarding the deployment of the THAAD system. Russia has been very negative about the deployment of the THAAD system in South Korea. So far, it has refrained from confrontation because it wants to invite President Park Geun-hye to the 58th anniversary of the Korean War. However, when the South Korean government..
Why Tajikistan's soccer is so strong ? On May 5, South Korea lost to Tajikistan on penalties in the quarterfinals of the 2018 AFC U-16 Championship. South Korea's loss to Tajikistan came as a huge shock, as they are considered a powerhouse team. Tajikistan is ranked 119th in the FIFA rankings, while South Korea is ranked 57th. Tajikistan's soccer league has eight teams, and matches are often canceled due to the country's financial si..
Can the Russian economy survive March 16? Hello everyone. In this post, we'll talk about Russia's economic situation in relation to the Russia-Ukraine war. 1.Ruble (RUB) The war is in Ukraine, which is actually causing an exodus of dollars from Moscow (Michael, an American investor, needs to sell his rubles and exchange them for dollars if he wants to close his Russian investments and go home to the US). The foreign exchange market is p..
Thinking about War in Ukraine Hello everyone. In this post, I'd like to share my thoughts on the war in Ukraine and Russia. Thinking about War in Ukraine 1. What is the cause of the war? 2. Background of the war in Ukraine 3. the real cause of the war 4. Finland and China 5. lessons of the war in Ukraine 1. the cause of the war was provided by Ukraine? Just like before World War II, we are shocked and saddened to see a war o..
Can Russia Become a Superpower? : Facts About Russia's National Power Putin's Russia clearly aspires to be an empire, a superpower, but it is not yet a superpower. Asia's only other superpower, China's former imperial dynasty, has been a superpower for centuries, alternating between the Habsburg, British, and Russian empires in Europe. But in the 21st century, when the world is bound together by a single financial market and integrated into a single marketplace at..
About the Russian-Turkish economic war Putin and hardline nationalists will not stop their offensive to win Turkey's complete surrender. Turkey, in turn, is responding to Russia's aggression with determination. Who will win the economic war between Russia and Turkey? The winner will be Russia. Apart from the willingness of both countries to wage an economic war, there are three reasons why Russia should win if analyzed from a purely ..
Will Harikov be Russia's next target? Hello everyone. Today I'll be posting about the next developments in the Ukraine crisis. First, I'd like to apologize for all the times I've posted the false claim that "Russia will not invade Ukraine". I viewed Putin as a reasonable and rational leader, which was a mistake. After watching Putin's hour-long TV monologue earlier today, I realized that he's in his own imaginary world.
내가 하는 일이 맞는 것일까 오늘 새로 구한 일 첫 출근이었는데, 짧은 시간에 엄청 집중적으로 일했네요.. 이래서 택배일이 힘들구나.. 라고 느낄 정도;;; 계속 바닥에 있는 물건을 들어 옮기는 게 확실히 힘드네요;; 시간대가 주식이랑 안겹쳐서 지원한 일인데 업무 강도가 세서 걱정이 좀 되네요.. 들어와서 쉬다가 잠깐 잠들다 깼네요;; 그래도 이렇게 하고자하는 주식을 하시기 위해 꾸준히 다른 일을 하시는 거잖아요? 정말 대단하게 느껴져요. 대단한 건지 모르겠어요... 고집 부리고 있는 건지도... 여전히 주식으로 돈 못벌고 있는 상태네요. 그나마 요즘은 어느 정도 주식 차트의 길이 보이는 거 같긴 한데.. 아직 갈 길이 머네요. 여기서 포기한다고 한들 다른 좋은 직업을 구하기도 어렵고, 할 수 있는 데까지는 해보려고요. 올 해 안에..