Yoshiomi Onishi
Former President of Toray Industries (America), Inc. &
Executive Advisor to Toray Corporate Business Research
Tokyo, Japan

Yoshiomi Onishi has been engaged in a wide range of international strategic businesses in the Middle East, China and other Asian markets, and the Americas, spanning a period of more than thirty eight years. His experience in management and business development for Toray includes both technical/industrial textiles and apparel textiles; e.g., technical textiles for tire & rubber industries world-wide, acrylic fibers historically applied in traditional carpet and blanket markets in the Middle East, and super grade synthetic suede for high-end apparel and non-apparel markets world-wide. Also as a manager in the Electronics and Information Division of Toray, he expanded new markets for photosensitive materials in the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has consistently played a pivotal role in developing Toray’s corporate strategies leading to future business directions.

Mr. Onishi was appointed Deputy General Manager of the International Strategy Division at Toray Headquarters and in this capacity worked on Toray’s international business strategies—with particular focus on emerging markets including China, Asia and Central & South America, where he was instrumental in implementing new business structures and partnering projects.

In 2000, Mr. Onishi was named President of Toray America in New York City, stepping up from his position as Executive Vice President. His responsibilities included strategy and market development for all of North America, Central America, and South America. During his tenure in New York, he undertook strategic business expansions, including new technical collaborations and partnerships with U.S. enterprises. In addition, he strengthened relationships with executives of many major enterprises and conglomerates in the Americas, for the purpose of expanding potential partnerships and alliances throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Mr. Onishi is currently on assignment in an executive position for Toray in California. He also supports Toray Corporate Business Research and The Japan Textile Federation as Executive Advisor and Special Advisor, respectively.