Pablo Lorenzana – For 6 years Mr. Lorenzana served as Marketing Manager for the Textile Division of DuPont for Central America and the Caribbean. Additionally, he has 4 years of experience working in the apparel manufacturing industry and 3 years working as a apparel representative, entrepreneur and consultant for the textile and apparel industry as well as for other non-related industries such as the sugar and energy businesses.

Mr. Lorenzana has 5 years working as a volunteer on the Board of the Exporters Association of Guatemala. He has been a speaker on free trade opportunities at Material World at the Miami Convention Center and at different Apparel Sourcing Shows (Central America and the Caribbean yearly textile and apparel fair). In 2000 he was awarded by DuPont with a “LYCRA(R) Award for Excellence” for the completion of a rapid market assessment study in the textile industry in Central America and the Caribbean.