Joey Fields, B.A. – Joey Fields began his textile career more than ten years ago living in Italy and working in sales for Manifattura di Legnano, which at that time was the largest spinner of long staple fine cotton yarns in the world.

Following that, he began working for TNC, Inc. where he oversaw sourcing and purchasing for fibers, yarns, and fabrics for the apparel, home textile, and nontraditional textile markets. In 2003 he helped TNC set up and run their first China office in Shanghai.

In 2005 Mr. Fields moved his family to Shanghai and started TNC Global China. TNC Global assists US and European Companies that are investing in China and helps Chinese companies bring their product quality up to international standards. TNC Global also acts as the Representative Office for International Market Solutions (IMS).

Mr. Fields has headed up many major projects for multinational companies in China and abroad. Some of these include a JV in Chong Qing and the investment of a needle punched nonwoven factory by a multinational Hong Kong based company; an investment working with the Rudong County Government of Jiangsu Province for Geotextiles for infrastructure building; the setting up of a supply chain for a major US knitter of medical fabrics in China (yarns, machinery, and finishing- scouring, bleaching, re-wetter agents, cutting); due diligence and market studies of potential partners in Asia for the world’s largest manufacturer of woven geotextile fabric; providing services, processes, and design for continuous process dry spinning spandex yarn companies in Zhejiang and Shandong Provinces; managed the hiring of staff and HR for a French multinational narrow woven fabrics producer setting up operations in Hangzhou, China.

Additionally, Mr. Fields has written and researched many market studies in the traditional and nontraditional textile industries.

Mr. Fields supervises the marketing of Services and Technology Transfer in Mainland China and other parts of Asia.