Knowledge management—linchpin to IT, management education, and training

client servicesKnowledge management elevates the highly technical aspects of computer information systems, or IT, to the level of user-friendly effectiveness. Thus, a company’s computer system with its servers, workstations, and networks, becomes an effective tool in achieving the broader goals of the business enterprise. Effective integration of an international business information technology can be as complex as it is necessary.

Insofar as IT is concerned, the international business environment will present challenges that range from the highly technical, such as building a secure information network across considerable distances, to procedural documentation that assures the specifics of data entry and report generation are fully understood by the personnel involved.

The umbrella of knowledge management encompasses education and training. IT is often the delivery system for training disciplines. Education is the process of orienting management and labor personnel to the broader perspectives of implementing a new system or application. The objective with regard to management is to bring managers up to a level where they can effectively implement, monitor, and evaluate the systems and processes which are under their control and direction. The education effort can be directed to home or host country managers, as such needs are identified.

Training can be viewed as the effort of upgrading the skills of workers so that they can effectively take on tasks within a system or process; e.g., on an assembly line, forms processing, data entry, telephone skills, etc. International market entry is almost always faced with the challenges of upgrading and modifying worker skills. This particularly true when there are substantial cultural differences between home country managers and host country managers and work force.

IMS, in recognizing the important linkages between IT, education, and training—the key components of knowledge management—is able to pinpoint needs across this range of requirements, giving proper emphasis to its various aspects